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Belle, cm 50 x 70 , mixed technique on canvas
Estasi , cm 120 x 100 cm , mixed technique on canvas
Mannequin , cm 120 x 80 , mixed technique on canvas
Nasrin, cm 40×50, mixed technique on canvas
The Wait, cm 100 x 50, Mixed technique on canvas
Red & Gold , cm 120 x 80 , mixed technique on canvas
Gabrielle , cm 46 x 60 , Mixed technique on canvas
Dancers , cm 120 x 100 , mixed technique on canvas
Circe , cm 120 x 100 , mixed technique on canvas
Sybil , cm 120 x 100 , mixed technique on canvas
Tribute to Bettina , cm 100 x 120, mixed technique on canvas
In The Rain , cm 70 x 50, mixed technique on canvas
The Chess Player , cm 50 x 60, mixed technique on canvas
Babylon , cm 40 x 40, mixed technique on canvas
60ies -Dior , cm 120 x 80, mixed technique on canvas
Optical Girl , cm 120 x 80, acrylic on canvas
Red Hat , cm 70 x 50  , Mixed technique on canvas
Caribbean Girl, cm 50 x 41, Mixed technique on canvas
Metropolitan Charm , cm 140 x 70 , Mixed technique on canvas
Chinese Charm , cm 120 x 80 , Mixed technique on canvas
Fair Damsel, Mixed Technique , cm 100 x 100
Veil , cm 40 x 60 , mixed technique on canvas
Fall 1986, cm 120 x 80 , Mixed technique on canvas
Firenze 2020, cm 140 x 70 , Mixed technique on canvas
What’s in there ? , Oil on canvas , cm 50 x 70
Dear John, Oil on canvas, cm 50 x 70
A magic night , Mixed technique , cm 120 x 60
Spain , Mixed technique , cm 120 x 80
Hidden , Mixed technique , cm 50 x 50
The Blue Hat, cm 40 x 40, mixed technique on canvas



Daniela Bini was born in Terni, in Umbria. After her degree in literature she lived in Surrey ( England ) and in Tuscany ( Italy ), where she got her first artistic education. She lives in Terni where she works as a teacher of Italian literature at Licei “F. Angeloni” and carries on her artistic work .

For her eleventh birthday her uncle gave her an easel and an oil paint set :
The most meaningful present in my life (Daniela Bini)


San Valentino Arte ( Terni ) 2022
San Valentino Arte ( Terni ) 2019
Arte e moda ( San Gemini ) 2021
Eleganza e leggerezza dell’anima ( Spoleto ) 2022

Critical Commentary

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”

This statement by Pablo Picasso gives the reason why Daniela Bini is a painter.

Passion, devotion, failed attempts and experiments repeated with calm determination; satisfaction when her own ideas took shape on canvas and escape: it is a way to create a private and inviolable space where one’s mind can be free from everyday life and get lost in a world where nobody is excluded provided he/she gets the permission to get there.

Daniela Bini’s love for painting was born when she was a child and it has constantly grown during her life of mother, wife, teacher and friend.

Daniela only paints women who look at you straight in the eyes, they have big eyes that are open wide on the world. They fill the whole canvas asking to be looked at, while looking back at you in a straightforward way. Their beauty is realistic and ordinary and they are full of energy and life. 

By looking at them you see the sharp profiles of the ladies of Pollaiolo and Verrocchio, the intense gaze of the Lady with an Ermine, the sensual and dreamy faces of Klimt’s and Pre-Raphaelites’ ladies; you see the quiet certainty of Renoir’s bourgeois ladies of the late 19th. Here and there you can spot a mythological reference coming from the painter’s classical education, but this is brought back to the present day through the use of a slender silhouette wrapped in colourful new clothes.  Colour is given by rapid spots that give life to clear and essential scenes.  Colours are thick, they build the shape; and then there is the gold paint which is often in her paintings, reminding of Klimt while still creating an actual magnificence. 

We are not going to compare Bini’s works with those of the great masters; we are not certainly making stylistic comparisons: any artist naturally “steals” … ideas, gazes, atmospheres, techniques and absorbs them.  When the artist uses them on canvas they become something else and they are only hers. The sophisticated beauty, the natural elegance, the vital passion in the characters certainly aim at giving value to the model, but they also celebrate all those women portrayed in her paintings. The creative process implies something that comes from the creator, thus every woman hides some aspects of the painter; I love thinking that those frames reveal an ordinary girl you could meet on the street and can become a different creature if necessary, above all I love thinking that in each of those women there is a little part of me, of what I would like to be and what I may sometimes be. An exceptional normality that tempts us to identify with these creatures, even if they are dressed up. If it is not Art that lets imagination fly and helps us to dream, I really do not know what else it can be: “One cannot escape from the world with greater certainty than through art (J.W.Goethe).

Prof.ssa Dott.ssa Roberta Fratini
Art historian